Demiriz Elektrik Sanayi Ticaret Limited Şirketi

Demiriz was established in year 1980, with Electrical Engineer Mr. Salih Güven DEMİRİZ the owner of the company's starting to manufacture regulators alone in a 40 m2 workshop.

Demiriz Elektric's production without making concession from quality, made customer portfolio to develop from different sectors by time and new requests from customers lead us to produce new products. In this period our company which has started manufacturing arc welding machines, battery charging rectifiers and point welding machines, established its company and changed it's title as Demiriz Elektric Industry Trade Limited Company in year 1999. In 2008 Demiriz has started manufacturing power cables, telephone cables, arc welding cables, coaxial cables.
The year 1999 is an important turning point in the history of Demiriz Elektric as we have introduced innovations in our development. During this period together with manufacturing arc welding machines, we made major changes in other models' exterior aesthetics and inner structure, thus represented practical, quick, long-lasting products to customers' preference.

Demiriz, is a company sharing a great amount of capital for technology researches in the developing market conditions. Today, thanks to expert staffs in their fields, and to the high technology owned, Demiriz Elektric feels the rightful honor of manufacturing machines with top hardware, economical and ergonomically that works long lastingly in all kinds of heavy industry conditions.

Demiriz providing complete requests of customers before sales and on time, does not leave customers alone after sales. Thanks to experienced service team, responds quickly to breakdowns and spare parts problems and Demiriz is a company based on customer respect which accepts customers' satisfaction as the basic principle. Demiriz, reflecting the importance it provides for quality and respect to its products, is manufacturing them with CE Quality certificates.

Demiriz Electric continues manufacturing in 4500 m2 closed area in İstanbul Ortaköy Industry Region, and became one of the giants of Turkey with its continuously developing and and renovating structure, in manufacturing voltage regulators and welding machines.

The target of Demiriz Electric is to be a pioneer in the global market.


Ortaköy Sanayi Bölgesi Tiftik Sk. No:16 Selimpaşa Silivri / İstanbul TÜRKİYE

Tel: +90 212 734 39 24